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Episode 60: End of the World Show

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Episode 60: End of the World Show

– In the last show ever (unless the world doesn’t end), we talk about a lot of things.  We get into the gun control/video game violence not being the problem in today’s society.  We also attempt to conquer the game of the year question, and to our surprise there were very few good games this year.  Enjoy the show and I hope you live long enough to hear it!

Data Disproves the Violent Video Game Argument
The Gun Control Argument
LucasArts Claims BattleFront III was 99% Complete
According to Ex LucasArts Employee: Bullshit!
Borderlands 2 Third DLC Details
Gears of War: Judgment – Horde Mode Still Not Confirmed
BLOPS Sales Are Down 15% from MW3
WarZ Crazyness
Disney Signs Deal with Netflix (Star Wars Streaming!!!)
Think VGA was a buy in award system
Donate to THQ and think of the Purple Dildos that don’t have a home
THQ Files for Bankruptcy, Will Still Make Games
Crowdfunding gone wrong?

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