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Episode 99: That Freakin Awesome

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Episode 99: That Freakin Awesome

– In this episode, Prego Magic joins us as a guest host again.

Microsoft To Lay-Off 18,000, some at Xbox Division
Xbox Entertainment Studio’s Is On the Chopping Block
Crackdown 3 (Xbox One Edition) Will Have Drop-In, Drop-Out Co-Op
Forza Horizons 2 Car List Partially Revealed
Battlefield Hardline Delayed Until 2015
Halo: Nightfall First Look
Game Pre-Ordering Coming to Xbox One, but When?
Sony and Microsoft Thinking About an Early Access Program
Microsoft CEO: One OS for All Devices
NFL Sunday Ticket Coming to Console’s Without a Cable Subscription for $240
Google Reportedly Buys Twitch

Episode 91: The Social Rift

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Episode 91: The Social Rift

– The valiant men of Mad As Hell Gamer’s face the tough questions like who’s the hairiest,  Chewbacca or JediChric and will Facebook ruin the Oculus Rift.  Actually, I think we only asked one of those questions….  Enjoy.

Facebook Buys Oculus Rift
Minecraft Creator Creeped Out By Facebook, Backs Out of Minecraft for Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift Backers Want Refunds
Palmer Luckey Responds to Reddit
Amazon’s Set-top Box
Will Support Games/Game Controller Sold Separately
Amazon Game Studios Hires Well-Known Gaming Figures
New Titanfall Game Modes Will Be Free
Forza Nugget – Purchasing DLC cars won’t cost in-game credits
Phil Spencer Takes Over As Head of Xbox
A Bad Reputation on Xbox Live Means You Could Lose Your Twitch Privileges
Microsoft Still Believes In Digital Game Loans
DVR Controls, TV Tools Coming to SmartGlass Beta
California State Senator Who Championed Games Sales Restrictions (And Gun Control) Arrested for Guns Running
EA: No Longer Worst Company In America

Episode 89: Man Crush’s and Goodbye’s

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Episode 89: Man Crush’s and Goodbye’s

– Tonight on a very special episode of Mad As Hell Gamers, we say goodbye to Jack Tretton, and Julie Larson-Greene, and the Ouya.

The Rise and Fall of Ouya, From Indie Console Darling to Indie Console Dud
No Micro Transactions in PvZ Garden Warfare…At Launch
Titanfall To Get Season Pass
PS3 Gets HBOGo
…And Comcast Is Blocking HBOGo on the PS3
Jack Tretton Steps Down
Stephen Elop (the Man Who Said as CEO of MS, He’d Sell the Xbox Brand) is Now in Charge of the Xbox Brand
Twitch Launching on Xbox One on 3/11
Microsoft Wants Xbox Live to Power Android and iOS Games
Nintendo Online for Wii and DS Will Be Discontinued on 5/20
Gearbox Suing 3DRelms for Making Another Duke Nukem Game
Seth Rogan Starring In a Movie About the 90’s Console War
700 Employees from Disney Interactive Laid Off
Could Amazon Buy the Xbox Brand from Microsoft?
Peter Moore Thinks Digital Sales Will Overtake Retail In Two Years

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