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Episode 84: The Telltale NSA

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Episode 84: The Telltale Ranger

– In this episode, we didn’t have a lot to talk about, but we were able to bring you these gem’s.  Enjoy.

NSA Spying on Gamers
Jon Stewarts Reaction
Destiny Release date: 9/9/14
Telltale (the HBO of the Game World) Is Doing a Game of Thrones Game
The Division Trailer That Makes Everyone Drool
X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter is Back…Well, Kind Of
Xbox One Goes Offline at Tourney…Killer Instinct Won’t Function Due to DRM Check
Sheriff Offers Xbox One as Reward for Catching BB Gun Thief


Episode 61: Still Here…Awkward

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Episode 61: Still Here…Awkward

– In this episode, the terrific trio of gamers talk about who might or might not make the Baseball Hall Of Fame, the number of votes Curt Schilling got for the Hall, what we thought of the movie Bachelors Party with Tom Hanks, and which of the big three Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony might be out of the console business after then next generation.  Enjou

Xbox Live Fee Needs an Overhaul – GameSpot
The Walking Dead Game By Telltale Sells 8.5 Million Episodes
The Walking Dead Game to Get Season 2
DayZ Closed Beta Test
More Problems for WarZ
Ouya Dev Consoles Ship
Android Gaming Devices
No SteamBox in 2013
More on the Steam Box:
Sony’s New Patent on Preventing Used Games
THQ Up For Sale
GameStop Sales Are Down…Again
Microsoft’s Illumiroom Concept:
It Came Reddit

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