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Episode 68: STFU Adam Orth

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Episode 68: STFU Adam Orth

– In this episode, we talk shit about games and take our anger on Adam Orth and EA on those responsible, which would be Adam Orth and EA.

STFU Adam Orth
Francis Hates Adam Orth!
No Longer With Microsoft
Paul Thurrot’s Take on the Xbox Roadmap
Xbox Roadmap?
Ubisoft Montreal CEO: Consumer are ready for Always On
More Star Wars Battlefront III Video’s Leaked
EA to Gaming World: “We Will Do Better”
Achievement Unlocked: EA Voted Worst Company Two Years In A Row
– Your policies and practices got you this title, EA, not homophobes. 
Layoff’s @ EA, Nothing to Do With WCIA Award According to EA
EA Closing More Servers As Social Gaming Tanks
Ouya Console Not Ready To Be Reviewed (Then Why Send Them Out?)
Some (Probably Me) Won’t Get It Until End of May
Got an Xbox? Order a Pizza

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