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Episode 66: A Reach Around

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Episode 66: A Reach Around

– In this episode, we talk about how the Ouya might not be the run away hit right out of the box.  And then we talk about games and which Star Trek movies were the best and debate on whether Galaxy Quest is one of them.  Enjoy the show.

Saints Row 4 on 8/20
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Star Wars: First Assault
First Videos Leaked
4BG Patch for Aliens: Colonial Marines
Carmageddon Coming to the PS4 and NeXbox
Games Submitted to Ouya Store Will Be Checked by Ouya for Playability
Ouya Will Not Ship with Online Chat, Friends Lists or Achievements
EA: No Refunds for SimCity Purchases
But EA is Giving You a Free Origin Game
Press and Bloggers Find Holes in the Must Have Server Connections for SimCity
Open Letter from Employee to EA Exec (Or Should I say Former Employee)
EA CEO Resigns…
$1000 Piston For Pre-Order and Releases This Holiday Season
No Associated with Valve Anymore


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