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Episode 63: MAD HULK HATE 4K

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Episode 63: MAD HULK HATE 4K

– In this episode, we talk about a lot of things like how the first 10 minutes of the movie Flight is awesome, and why Bill Nye rocked his interview about asteroids, and what will end up happening to one ex-LAPD officer.

Bill Nye And Global Warming
Triple A Devs Are Leading The Way to a Market Crash
“Of course, in all of this, Nintendo is the exception to the rule. This is why they will prevail when the dust settles.“
Ouya Developers Speak Out
Ouya To Hit Retail in July
New Ouya Every Year
EA – MoH: Warfighter No Longer A Yearly Project
DayZ Mod Gameplay
Borderlands 2 Adds Retail Disc DLC
Borderlands 2 Sells 6 Million Copies
Aliens Colonial Marines Bug Hunt
THQ Could Have Survived If Not for ‘Massive Mistakes’ (DRM???)
Can NeXbox and PS4 Bring in 4K Revolution
Redbox Instant App Coming to the 360
Sony Set to Unveil the PS4 on 2/20?
Job Offer

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