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Episode 140: Flogging the Dolphin Chair

Saturday, September 17th, 2016

Episode 140: Flogging the Dolphin Chair

– In this episode, Sparkstalker continues the proud tradition of hyping the new Forza game.  AsphaltRanger’s chair was making Dolphin noises and I was just dipping into the moonshine.

PS4 Pro, No 4k Bluray, 4K Upscaling (not true 4K), $399
PS4 Slim: Smaller, No 4K Support or Bluray, and Same Processor Speed for Same Price as Regular PS4  
Super Mario Run Coming to iOS, Android
Mod Support for Bethesda Games Will Not Be Coming to the PS4
The Division 1.4 Rebuilds Gameplay From the Ground Up
Gears of War 4 Horde Mode
Tecmo Super Bowl 2017 Available for Download

Episode 139: Bathroom Tooth Fairy

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Episode 139: Bathroom Tooth Fairy

– In this Episode, we talk about all the PS4 Slim and Neo rumor and leaks.  We also talk about the Titanfall 2 Tech Test that is pretty much universially hated.  We’ll report on the second tech test when it happens.

PS4 Slim Leaked and Unboxed Before Unveiling
PS4 Neo and PS 4 Slim To Be Announced on 9/7
Playstation Plus Getting More Expensive by $10
Playstation Now Coming to PC?
Titanfall 2 Beta/Tech Test
Titanfall 2 Has Exclusive DLC You Can Only Get From…Buffalo Wild Wings?
Pokemon, Zelda and Mario Will Be the Nintendo NX Within Six Months
Microsoft Will Acquire Beam Streaming Service
Star Wars Battlefront Will Allow You To Blow Up Star Destroyer, Fly Trench Run in New DLC
Destiny’s Taken King PS4 Exclusive’s Extended Until Destiny 2 Releases
Yooka-Laylee Hands On from Gamesconn

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