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Episode 134: Grumpy Cat’s Banana Hammock

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Episode 134: Grumpy Cat’s Banana Hammock

– In this episode, we talk about whether CoD is over, the numerous closures and cancellations in the gaming industry.  And we talk about the multiple gaming idea’s headed to the movie theater.

Is this the Beginning of the End for CoD?
Call of Duty: Inifinite Warefare (also known as CoD: Halo Edition) Announced to the Sounds of Boo’s
Lionhead Studio Officially Closed
Lionhead: The Inside Story
Disney Infinity Cancelled   
Respawn Working on an Adventure Star Wars Game
Project Spark Being Discontinued
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Coming in 2017
Star Wars Battlefront Skipped a Single Player Campaign to Launch With The Force Awakens
Nintendo Getting Back in the Movie Business, Will Produce Their Own Movies
One Tetris Movie Will Now be a Trilogy

Episode 80: Cream Covered Goodness

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Episode 80: Cream Covered Goodness

– In an episode of depravity, Spark, Ranger and Jedi talk about Ellen Page, and why she should sue the shit out of a developer, why you shouldn’t pre-order console’s from Target and why game makers should leave Aliens alone and focus on Predators.  Be sure to listen all the way through for the funny outtake at the end.  Enjoy.

How Much Advertising Will There Be from Kinect Spying?
Titanfall Dated for 3/11/14, Collectors Edition is $250
Launch Titles The Crew, DriveClub and Watch Dogs Delayed Until 2014
Target Cancelling Bundle Pre-Orders
And Target Says They’re Sorry
Bluetooth Headsets Will Not Work for Voice Chat
No 3rd Party Headsets for Xbox One At Launch
Project Spark Doesn’t Require Xbox Live Gold
All Game Developers Get “Dedicated Servers, Cloud Processing, and ‘Storage’” Free
Xbox One Friends List Demo
Ellen Page Gets Naked in Beyond: Two Souls
Image Taken Down by Sony
Cross Game Play for PS/Xbox?
Those Dirty Sons O’ Bitches
Kinect 2.0 Is Gonna Suck


Episode 77: Sex, Death and Video Games

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Episode 77: Sex, Death and Video Games

– In this Episode, we talk about games…and death…and sex…and games about sex with the dead.  We also talk about the next gen console war and how the battle lines have been drawn and nothing else can be done to persuade someone from one side to the next.

Steve Ballmer to Retire
Disney Passed On Star Wars and Iron Man Games to Focus on Disney Infinity
The Division To Have Exclusive Content for Xbox One Before and After Launch
Call In Airstrikes from the Drone In The Division
“‘Titanfall,’ the Best Thing At Gamescon”
Dead Rising 3 Will Not Be Coming to PS4 or PC
GTA Should Be Rated AO
PS4 Launch Window Titles (Between the Launch and Jan 1)
Sony Drops Vita Price to $199
PS4 To Launch on 11/15
Sony Leaked GTA Details, Right Now Just Music in EU Preload (spoilers)
Xbox One Launch Day Titles
Indie Games to have Kinect and Cloud Access Plus Achievements
Project Spark Beta Launches in October
Xbox One Audio Vs Xbox 360 Audio
EA To Begin Offering Refunds For Origins Purchases
The Supreme Court Played Video Games, Before Ruling On Them

Episode 73: One Stereo Mono Earbud

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Episode 73: One Stereo Mono Earbud

– We have add a fourth for one week as we discuss the Xbox One and the One-Eighty that the PR department did to try and convince people to buy an Xbox One.  We also talk about the Geezer Forza Touring League with special…okay, not so special Goldwater64.

Microsoft Does a 180 on DRM, Also Nixes Family Sharing
Family Sharing Is Just a Timed Demo
Microsoft Trying to “Muffle” Don Mattrick
Borderlands 2 On The Ouya?
Crackdown Will Return With The Right Time/Right Dev’s
More TC: The Division Info
How Titanfall Will Use the Cloud
Asteroid Tracking Via The Cloud
More cloud stuff
Xbox One and a Hypervisor:
And a whole bunch more – that is, why Spark is so excited about the tech behind the Xbox One:
Win 8 apps coming to Xbox One?
Microsoft To Stop Charging Developer to Patch Games
New Microsoft Patent

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