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Episode 93: We Ain’t Got No Groove

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Episode 93: We Ain’t Got No Groove

– In this we start off slow and find our groove for a strong ending.  Spark talks about the dangers of no Net Neutrality.  Ranger wonders how Defiance is still being played.   And Jedi finds out that Wolverine is about to get killed off…for a while…maybe.  All that and more.

With Net Neutrality Dead, FCC Looks at “Fast Lanes”
Destiny Approaches Final Stages
Destiny Will Allow for Transferable Save Games from Last Gen to Current Gen
Reddit’s Thoughts On Destiny Resolution
Project Cars Shows “Real, In-Game Graphics”
Disney Infinity 2 is Announced, Features Marvel Avengers, Also On Xbox One and PS4
Defiance Turns 1 Years Old, Changes To Free To Play
Details on Sunset Overdrive Next Week
Bluray In Trouble?
Xbox TV Announces Shows In the Works
Fee with Gold Subscription
1080p Debate Isn’t Winnable Says Titanfall Developer
GameStop Shifting Strategies, Closing Stores

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