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Episode 105: No Lone Ranger

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Episode 105: No Lone Ranger

– In this episode, the show must go on without AsphaltRanger so Spark and Jedi actually go on without him.  We talk about getting wisdom teeth pulled, and why PleX is so great at least for some.  We also talk video games and the what is being called the Tiny Console War.

The Tiny Console War
The Google Nexus Player
The Crew Delayed until 12/2
Might Also Have a Pay To Win Model
PvZ: Garden Warfare Now In EA Vault
The Playstation TV Released 10/14, What ArsTechnica Thinks
Plex Is Now On The Xbox One
“RoomAlive” In Development
Screenshots and Themes Coming to Xbox One
Gearbox Hit With Bomb Threat
HBO Coming to Cordcutters Everywhere in 2015
Stone Brewing coming to RVA!!!!


Episode 92: The Pitchford Factor

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Episode 92: The Pitchford Factor

– In this episode, AsphaltRanger gives us a run down on PAX East.  Spark goes into details on why Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel might not be a buy.  And JediChric tells us why Fucking Matt Damon was the best thing that he’s seen Sarah Silverman do.  All that and plenty more.

Introducing: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!
Only Coming to Xbox 360 and PS3
(Because of the larger install base and it has nothing to do with being cheaper to develop or they just happened to have a lot of cut footage that would cost them next to nothing to produce and charge $60 for)
More Free DLC for Plants Vs. Zombie: Garden Warfare
Titanfall’s First DLC Announced
Titanfall Almost Never Was
Disney Infinity 2 Coming This August Featuring Marvel Hero’s
The Amazing Spiderman 2 Will Not Come to Xbox One
PS4 Update Features Pre-Order Pre-Loads
Major Nelson: External Storage ‘Coming Soon’
5-Year-Old Exposes Security Flaw, Microsoft Fixes It
Microsoft Has Big Plans for Xbox TV
Nintendo Had A Chance At An Exclusivity Deal with Skylanders
Chris Roberts, the Star Citizen Founder: We Won’t Be Bought
EA Won’t Let the GameSpy’s Closure Turn Off Old Battlefield MP Games (Twilight Zone Alert)
Hope for EA?

Episode 90: TitanFAIL

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Episode 90: TitanFAIL

– In this episode, we talk about how many games in the past year have had a successful online launch day.  We couldn’t think of one…  Enjoy the show.

Xbox Live Crashes on Titanfall Launch…For Some People
Titanfall on the Xbox One vs PC
Titanfall Not Originally Planned for Xbox One
PvZ: Garden Warfare for the Xbox One Gets An Update with Free DLC
Playstation 4 Price Going Up in Canada
Introducing: Project Morpheus
Marc Whitten Is Leaving Microsoft and the Xbox
Xbox One Update Coming Next Month
Microsoft Working on Oculus Rift Competitor
25 ID@Xbox Games on Display at GDC
The Amazon Set-Top Box Game Controller
Is Amazon’s Set-Top-Box Actually a Streaming Stick?
Google Releases Play Games Services for Crossplay on iOS and Android
Layoffs Hit Popcap

Episode 89: Man Crush’s and Goodbye’s

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Episode 89: Man Crush’s and Goodbye’s

– Tonight on a very special episode of Mad As Hell Gamers, we say goodbye to Jack Tretton, and Julie Larson-Greene, and the Ouya.

The Rise and Fall of Ouya, From Indie Console Darling to Indie Console Dud
No Micro Transactions in PvZ Garden Warfare…At Launch
Titanfall To Get Season Pass
PS3 Gets HBOGo
…And Comcast Is Blocking HBOGo on the PS3
Jack Tretton Steps Down
Stephen Elop (the Man Who Said as CEO of MS, He’d Sell the Xbox Brand) is Now in Charge of the Xbox Brand
Twitch Launching on Xbox One on 3/11
Microsoft Wants Xbox Live to Power Android and iOS Games
Nintendo Online for Wii and DS Will Be Discontinued on 5/20
Gearbox Suing 3DRelms for Making Another Duke Nukem Game
Seth Rogan Starring In a Movie About the 90’s Console War
700 Employees from Disney Interactive Laid Off
Could Amazon Buy the Xbox Brand from Microsoft?
Peter Moore Thinks Digital Sales Will Overtake Retail In Two Years

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