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Episode 109: GotY Show

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Episode 109: GotY Show

– In this episode, we go over the Game of the Year awards and the new category Annual Piece of Shit (APoS).  We also talk about the “Interview”, Guardians of the Galaxy and the hottest trailer ever: Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Oh, and we also talk about what this year in gaming killed (Pre-Orders and Season Passes).

Destiny Locked Out Non-DLC Players for 1 Week, It’s Short, and “Worst Part of Destiny”

Your Progress in Destiny Will Carry Over to Destiny 2

A Featurette on Adrift

New Gears of War Making “Massive Progress”

Halo Spartan Strike Delayed

Evolve Gets New Mode, Monsters and an Open Beta in January

Minecraft Getting Story Mode

What Uncharted 4 Looks Like

Faceplates for a Console? Yes, Says the PS4

Xbox Live Under Attack from Lizard Squad

Update on Lizard Squad: Game Over for Them!

Spencer’s Reaction to Street Fighter as a PS4 Exclusive: All in the Game, Yo

Arcadia: Microsoft’s Game Streaming Service

GTA V getting heists 2015 “Early”

Episode 97: Gold Binger

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Episode 97: Gold Binger

– We have a guest host join us for some talk about games, E3 and Tom Cruise…  Don’t turn it off after reading that, because you’ll miss some amazing talk…or just us, at least.

Forza Horizons 2 Will Have No Paid Boosters at Launch
Richard Sherman is the Madden Curse for This Year
DayZ Could Come to the Xbox One and PS4 This Year
The Division: No Pay To Win Microtransactions
Destiny is a Sony Exclusive in Japan
What Xbox One Gains and Losses with Kinect-Less Option
29 Titles Available for Launch in Japan
Microsoft and Nintendo Not Rushing To Follow Sony Into Virtual Reality
Phil Spencer: Family Share Plan Still on the Horizon
Is Crytek Going Bye, Bye?
EA CEO: Battlefield 4’s Launch Issues Were Unacceptable

Episode 91: The Social Rift

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Episode 91: The Social Rift

– The valiant men of Mad As Hell Gamer’s face the tough questions like who’s the hairiest,  Chewbacca or JediChric and will Facebook ruin the Oculus Rift.  Actually, I think we only asked one of those questions….  Enjoy.

Facebook Buys Oculus Rift
Minecraft Creator Creeped Out By Facebook, Backs Out of Minecraft for Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift Backers Want Refunds
Palmer Luckey Responds to Reddit
Amazon’s Set-top Box
Will Support Games/Game Controller Sold Separately
Amazon Game Studios Hires Well-Known Gaming Figures
New Titanfall Game Modes Will Be Free
Forza Nugget – Purchasing DLC cars won’t cost in-game credits
Phil Spencer Takes Over As Head of Xbox
A Bad Reputation on Xbox Live Means You Could Lose Your Twitch Privileges
Microsoft Still Believes In Digital Game Loans
DVR Controls, TV Tools Coming to SmartGlass Beta
California State Senator Who Championed Games Sales Restrictions (And Gun Control) Arrested for Guns Running
EA: No Longer Worst Company In America

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