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Episode 94: Xbox Drops the Kinect Bomb

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Episode 94: Xbox Drops the Kinect Bomb

– In this Episode, I seriously wonder if I should get new co-hosts…but decided that I better off with the ones I have.  I mean, I haven’t gotten a STD from them yet, so at least their clean.  But we also talk a lot of gaming news that includes a BOMB that Phil Spencer dropped.  And by bomb, I mean run for cover the MOAB is coming!

Xbox Offers Kinectless Bundle, Games with Gold for Xbox One, No More Paywall for Video Streaming
Destiny Cost Activision $500,000,000 to Make/Market
Destiny Beta Coming in July
Sunset Overdrive, What You Get When You Mix Crackdown, Dead Rising and PvZ
Sunset Overdrive Gameplay
Sunset Overdrive to Have Co-Op Gameplay
The Division is Offically Pushed Back to 2015
Sony Reverses Course for PSN Plus Purchase of DriveClub
Sony Promises 1080p 60fps for Watch Dogs, Then Changes It’s Mind
Price of Sony Playstation Camera Increases by $10
Sony Has Lost $10B in the Last 8 Years
Xbox and Showtime Nearing Deal to Show Halo on TV
Bill Gates Hints At Selling/Spinning Off Xbox Division
OneDrive Adding Music Locker with Xbox Music?
Nintendo Posts $456 Million Loss for Last Fiscal Year
Nintendo Responds to No Gay Marriage In Latest Game
How ArsTechnica Would Save Nintendo
Disney Infinity Keeps Disney Interactive in the Black
Oculus Rift Wants To Build a Billion Person MMO
FCC Backs Off Of fast Lanes, Is Open To Turning Internet into Utilities
Or Not…
EA Beats Revenue Expectations
No Need for Speed This Year, First Absence Since 1996

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