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Episode 97: Gold Binger

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Episode 97: Gold Binger

– We have a guest host join us for some talk about games, E3 and Tom Cruise…  Don’t turn it off after reading that, because you’ll miss some amazing talk…or just us, at least.

Forza Horizons 2 Will Have No Paid Boosters at Launch
Richard Sherman is the Madden Curse for This Year
DayZ Could Come to the Xbox One and PS4 This Year
The Division: No Pay To Win Microtransactions
Destiny is a Sony Exclusive in Japan
What Xbox One Gains and Losses with Kinect-Less Option
29 Titles Available for Launch in Japan
Microsoft and Nintendo Not Rushing To Follow Sony Into Virtual Reality
Phil Spencer: Family Share Plan Still on the Horizon
Is Crytek Going Bye, Bye?
EA CEO: Battlefield 4’s Launch Issues Were Unacceptable

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