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Episode 74: Geographical Castration

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Episode 74: Geographical Castration

– We had a good episode and one that showed that the show can go on without Sparkstalker…if only for a little while.  But Spark does join us and we have a grand old time.  We talked about Mattrick leaving a sinking ship for one that hit an iceberg.  Where exactly AsphaltRanger wants Randy Pitchford to go. What we really think of the Ouya.  And why we love Major Nelson.

Mattrick Leaving Xbox for Zynga
Julie Larson-Green In At Xbox
Aaron Hernandez Removed from Madden 25
Aliens: Colonial Marines to Have Extended Campaign via DLC
More Borderlands 2 DLC on the Way?
Xbox One Wins Game 10 Awards, Six Go to Titanfall
Time Warner To Allow Streaming TV on Xbox 360 This Summer
MS Details New Gamer Reputation System
Xbox One/Kinect 2.0 to Read QR Codes
Microsoft Admits Poor PR during E3
Google To Build a Ouya-Like Console
Florida Bans All Computers, Smartphones and Probably Console’s
EA Raising Game Prices in England to $83 Equivalent

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