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Episode 89: Man Crush’s and Goodbye’s

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Episode 89: Man Crush’s and Goodbye’s

– Tonight on a very special episode of Mad As Hell Gamers, we say goodbye to Jack Tretton, and Julie Larson-Greene, and the Ouya.

The Rise and Fall of Ouya, From Indie Console Darling to Indie Console Dud
No Micro Transactions in PvZ Garden Warfare…At Launch
Titanfall To Get Season Pass
PS3 Gets HBOGo
…And Comcast Is Blocking HBOGo on the PS3
Jack Tretton Steps Down
Stephen Elop (the Man Who Said as CEO of MS, He’d Sell the Xbox Brand) is Now in Charge of the Xbox Brand
Twitch Launching on Xbox One on 3/11
Microsoft Wants Xbox Live to Power Android and iOS Games
Nintendo Online for Wii and DS Will Be Discontinued on 5/20
Gearbox Suing 3DRelms for Making Another Duke Nukem Game
Seth Rogan Starring In a Movie About the 90’s Console War
700 Employees from Disney Interactive Laid Off
Could Amazon Buy the Xbox Brand from Microsoft?
Peter Moore Thinks Digital Sales Will Overtake Retail In Two Years

Episode 72: Sony Makes Microsoft It’s Prison Bitch Until…

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Episode 72: Sony Made Microsoft It’s Prison Bitch Until…

– In this episode we talk about what Sony and Microsoft presented at E3, and how the gaming world is reacting.  Who won, who lost, and who told enough of the truth to actually win the hearts and minds.  All that and more.

Next Gen games and which console they are on
Oh, Don…
Xbox One Can Check Into the Mothership With a Cell Phone

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