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Episode 100: The Mattrick Triangle

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Episode 100: The Mattrick Triangle

– In our 100th Episode, we got the band back together! We have a very special segment of our best moments over the past 100 episodes. We also talk about games, Prometheus and Benny Hill.

EA Access Pass – Good, Bad or Indifferent
Sony: EA Access Not a Good Value
The Crew: Coast to Coast in 40 Minutes
Destiny: Six Play Raids only Playable with Friends
Rod Ferguson on Gears of War One
– “And in terms of those pillars — things like the cover system, the quick reload, the combat — those likely won’t be messed with much by Black Tusk, at least not initially.”
Evolve Pushed Back to February 2015
PS Now Only Streams PS3 Games
Sony Working On Subscription Plan for PS Now
Xbox One to Launch in China on 9/23
Nintendo Lost $97 Million Last Quarter
GameStop to Start Issuing Credit Cards
Deep Silver Buys Homefront IP
Rumor: Crytek’s Management Quit the Week of 7/14
Gearbox Blames Sega for Aliens: Colonial Marines

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