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Episode 110: Kanye Bad

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Episode 110: Kanye Bad

– In this episode, we talk about all the important things that a new year brings, like how the movie The Interview was AWESOME and why we need for Kim Dot-Com needs to stay away from the politics of gaming.

Script Kiddies Take Down XBL and PSN
FBI Is Investigating
UK Police Arrest One Lizard Squad Member
Finnish NBI Questioning Another
Halo 5 Pre-Orders, $250 for Collectors Edition
Bungie’s 2015 Plan for Destiny?
Play games and go to college for free…for free?
Playstation Now Gets a $19.99 All You Can Play Subscription
Rumor: Microsoft Developing a VR Headset As Well
H4LT Leak’s The Xbox One Firmware and Documentation
Sling TV for Xbox One

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