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Episode 103: UR Destiny To Love Forza

Friday, September 19th, 2014

Episode 103: UR Destiny To Love Forza

–  I this episode, we talk about why Destiny is what it is.  What we can look forward too in Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizons 2.  And why grass is more hyped than gameplay for GTA 5.

Microsoft Buying Mojang, Makers of Minecraft, for $2.5 Billion
Destiny Sells $325 Million Worth Destiny in First 5 Days
Lackluster Destiny Reviews Could Cost Bungie $2.5 Million Dollars
GTA5 Coming to Xbox One and PS4 on Nov 18th – No Heists, but Better Looking Grass
Sunset Overdrive Season Pass Announced
Gears of War: Tactics – What Could Have Been
343 Thinking About Releasing Halo Reach and ODST for the Xbox One
The October Update
Military Using the Xbox 360 Controller for New Laser Gun
Ray Rice to Be Knocked Out of Madden 15
EA CEO on Three Year Plan: Focus on Gamers First

Episode 77: Sex, Death and Video Games

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Episode 77: Sex, Death and Video Games

– In this Episode, we talk about games…and death…and sex…and games about sex with the dead.  We also talk about the next gen console war and how the battle lines have been drawn and nothing else can be done to persuade someone from one side to the next.

Steve Ballmer to Retire
Disney Passed On Star Wars and Iron Man Games to Focus on Disney Infinity
The Division To Have Exclusive Content for Xbox One Before and After Launch
Call In Airstrikes from the Drone In The Division
“‘Titanfall,’ the Best Thing At Gamescon”
Dead Rising 3 Will Not Be Coming to PS4 or PC
GTA Should Be Rated AO
PS4 Launch Window Titles (Between the Launch and Jan 1)
Sony Drops Vita Price to $199
PS4 To Launch on 11/15
Sony Leaked GTA Details, Right Now Just Music in EU Preload (spoilers)
Xbox One Launch Day Titles
Indie Games to have Kinect and Cloud Access Plus Achievements
Project Spark Beta Launches in October
Xbox One Audio Vs Xbox 360 Audio
EA To Begin Offering Refunds For Origins Purchases
The Supreme Court Played Video Games, Before Ruling On Them

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