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Episode 54: No, It Happens To Everyone

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Episode 54: No, It Happens To Everyone

– In this episode, we, the collective at Mad As Hell Gamers Radio break Godwin’s law and complete go off the rail in terms of political correctness.  We also talk about various games such as Forza Horizons.  We also completely lack any enthusiasm about the topics we covered.  Please come back and listen again.

Wii U to Hit Stores on 11/8 for $300 (8GB) – $350 (32GB)
Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Coming 10/16
Golden Loot Chest
Valve Entering PC Space?
Ubisoft is Dropping Always-On DRM
GameStop’s Streaming Service to Include Demo’s and Extra’s
Will GameStop Carry the Ouya?
Microsoft Applies for HoloDeck Patent

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