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Episode 75: Indie Douche

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Episode 75: Indie Douche

– In episode 75, the crew of Mad As Hell Gamers tackle such topics as who are the douches of the indie game industry, what games might be announced at GamesCom according to the Games With Gold releases, and why Nintendo is losing the next gen console war, even when they don’t have any competition.  All that and much more.

Microsoft to Reverse Their Position On Indie Games?
Phil Fish Goes Postal and Cancels FEZ 2
 Dead Rising 3 was Almost a 360 title but proved too much for current hardware (Ranger)
Dead Rising 3 Video Documentory from ComicCon
Saints Row IV DLC Coming 45 Days After Launch
Getting Season Pass
EA Well Into Development of Battlefront 3, Targeting Release in 2015
Disney Infinity – A Deeper Game Than We Thought?
Sony Giving Out Free Dev Kits to Indie Developers
New Details on Achievements 2.0, Challenges and the Game DVR
Kinect 2.0 Features to Get Excited About
More On the New Reputation System
South Park creators were unaware of THQ sale until it was in the news (Ranger)
Ouya Game Sales Not Doing Well
Ouya Says Its Better Than Expected
73% of Ouya Owners Haven’t Paid for a Game (Including Me)
Nintendo Sold 160,000 Wii U’s in Three Months, Sold More Wii’s In Same Time Frame
Thoughts on The Castle Doctrine:
Human likenesses are not protected speech (NCAA Football game at the heart of the suit):

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