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Episode 137: Not A Pokemon Stop

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

Episode 137: Not A Pokemon Stop

– We’re back and we’re bad…really bad. We recap E3 and what happened to keep us off the air. We also talk about what Microsoft is doing wrong, and what Nintendo is doing right.  We also talk about the last season of Game of Thrones, so beware of spoilers.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Bulletstorm Remaster Said to be in the Works
Titanfall 2
No new Star Wars games until 2018
Ghost Recon: Wildlands
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Xbox Fitness Going Offline
Pokemon Go
Evolve Has Gone Free-to-Play
Red Dead Redemption Is Now Backwards Compatible
NES Classic Edition Console, 8 Bit Games Coming Back in HD

Episode 109: GotY Show

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Episode 109: GotY Show

– In this episode, we go over the Game of the Year awards and the new category Annual Piece of Shit (APoS).  We also talk about the “Interview”, Guardians of the Galaxy and the hottest trailer ever: Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Oh, and we also talk about what this year in gaming killed (Pre-Orders and Season Passes).

Destiny Locked Out Non-DLC Players for 1 Week, It’s Short, and “Worst Part of Destiny”

Your Progress in Destiny Will Carry Over to Destiny 2

A Featurette on Adrift

New Gears of War Making “Massive Progress”

Halo Spartan Strike Delayed

Evolve Gets New Mode, Monsters and an Open Beta in January

Minecraft Getting Story Mode

What Uncharted 4 Looks Like

Faceplates for a Console? Yes, Says the PS4

Xbox Live Under Attack from Lizard Squad

Update on Lizard Squad: Game Over for Them!

Spencer’s Reaction to Street Fighter as a PS4 Exclusive: All in the Game, Yo

Arcadia: Microsoft’s Game Streaming Service

GTA V getting heists 2015 “Early”

Episode 106: Breaking All The Rules

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Episode 106: Breaking All The Rules

– In the episode, the band is back together breaking all the rules and probably some laws.  We also talk about games.  Evolve, Sunset Overdrive, and the middle finger Bungie is giving to the owners of the Xbox One.  All that and more on MAHG RADIO!

Titanfall Horde Mode Impressions
Microsoft Investing 10 Years Into Gears of War, Next New Game Won’t be Reboot
Next Gears Game is Back to the Basics
Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a Whopping 65GB
  • Equivalent to 7 DVDs, 89 CD-Roms or 46,222 3.5 Floppy Drives
Star Wars X-Wing and Tie Fighter (And Others) Games on
Cancelled Star Wars: Battlefronts 3 Alpha Footage
Destiny DLC debacle
PS4 Firmware 2.0
Problems with Firmware 2.0
Next Dashboard Update Brings Custom Backgrounds, Twitter Integration, More
HBO Go Coming to Xbox One
Xbox One To End Free Xbox Music Streaming
Pacific Rim 3 Will Tie Directly into PR2
Rob Riggle Set to Play Main Dead Rising Character in Movie

Episode 100: The Mattrick Triangle

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Episode 100: The Mattrick Triangle

– In our 100th Episode, we got the band back together! We have a very special segment of our best moments over the past 100 episodes. We also talk about games, Prometheus and Benny Hill.

EA Access Pass – Good, Bad or Indifferent
Sony: EA Access Not a Good Value
The Crew: Coast to Coast in 40 Minutes
Destiny: Six Play Raids only Playable with Friends
Rod Ferguson on Gears of War One
– “And in terms of those pillars — things like the cover system, the quick reload, the combat — those likely won’t be messed with much by Black Tusk, at least not initially.”
Evolve Pushed Back to February 2015
PS Now Only Streams PS3 Games
Sony Working On Subscription Plan for PS Now
Xbox One to Launch in China on 9/23
Nintendo Lost $97 Million Last Quarter
GameStop to Start Issuing Credit Cards
Deep Silver Buys Homefront IP
Rumor: Crytek’s Management Quit the Week of 7/14
Gearbox Blames Sega for Aliens: Colonial Marines

Episode 88: Titanfell

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Episode 88: Titanfell

– In this Episode, the group discussion the orgasmic feeling to watch a huge mech fall from the sky, grab you and put you into it so you could blow the crap out of the our fellow humans…digitally, of course. We also talk about other games that are coming up shortly.

Titanfall – The Verge Preview
Irrational Games Downsized, Future/Bioshock Unknown
What About All the Unemployed Game Designers
>Adr1ft Puzzle Game With Possible Oculus Rift Support
Evolve Gameplay
The Order: 1886 Preview
PS4 Dominates the Xbox One in January NPD’s
Metal Gear Solid Runs at 1080p on the PS4, 720p on Xbox One
Microsoft Reveals It’s Server Design
Titanfall Runs at 18ms Ping During Beta
More Than One Third of Xbox One Owners Bought Forza 5
Forza 5 gets it’s first add-on track – for free!
Is Google Getting Into The Gaming Console Market
Is Valve Spying On You To Stop Cheating?
How To Keep People From Posting Bad Reviews on Android

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