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Episode 80: Cream Covered Goodness

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Episode 80: Cream Covered Goodness

– In an episode of depravity, Spark, Ranger and Jedi talk about Ellen Page, and why she should sue the shit out of a developer, why you shouldn’t pre-order console’s from Target and why game makers should leave Aliens alone and focus on Predators.  Be sure to listen all the way through for the funny outtake at the end.  Enjoy.

How Much Advertising Will There Be from Kinect Spying?
Titanfall Dated for 3/11/14, Collectors Edition is $250
Launch Titles The Crew, DriveClub and Watch Dogs Delayed Until 2014
Target Cancelling Bundle Pre-Orders
And Target Says They’re Sorry
Bluetooth Headsets Will Not Work for Voice Chat
No 3rd Party Headsets for Xbox One At Launch
Project Spark Doesn’t Require Xbox Live Gold
All Game Developers Get “Dedicated Servers, Cloud Processing, and ‘Storage’” Free
Xbox One Friends List Demo
Ellen Page Gets Naked in Beyond: Two Souls
Image Taken Down by Sony
Cross Game Play for PS/Xbox?
Those Dirty Sons O’ Bitches
Kinect 2.0 Is Gonna Suck


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