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Episode 114: May The Fleshlight Be With You

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Episode 114: May The Fleshlight Be With You

– In this episode, the trio of us geek out over the new Star Wars movie trailer. And it was awesome. ¬†We also talk about video games…when we weren’t talking about Star Wars, that is.

Proposed Exemption to DMCA Would Allow Console Jailbreaking
Lego Dimensions – The New Skylanders/Disney Infinity Game
Next Gears of War Not Coming to the 360…Duh!
New Guitar Hero Announced
Play Star Wars Battlefronts First on Xbox One Via EA Access
5 Easy Fatalities on Mortal Kombat X Just $0.99
Sony Offering Bundles in Preparation for Morphous
Polygon: MS Xbox One Causing People to Spend More on Electricity Bills
Game Store Swatted
13 Year Old Minecraft Player Admits to Swatting
Don Mattrick Out At Zynga
Super Troopers 2 Is On The Way Thanks to the Fans

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