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Episode 99: That Freakin Awesome

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Episode 99: That Freakin Awesome

– In this episode, Prego Magic joins us as a guest host again.

Microsoft To Lay-Off 18,000, some at Xbox Division
Xbox Entertainment Studio’s Is On the Chopping Block
Crackdown 3 (Xbox One Edition) Will Have Drop-In, Drop-Out Co-Op
Forza Horizons 2 Car List Partially Revealed
Battlefield Hardline Delayed Until 2015
Halo: Nightfall First Look
Game Pre-Ordering Coming to Xbox One, but When?
Sony and Microsoft Thinking About an Early Access Program
Microsoft CEO: One OS for All Devices
NFL Sunday Ticket Coming to Console’s Without a Cable Subscription for $240
Google Reportedly Buys Twitch

Episode 98: Soilent Spark

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Episode 98: Soilent Spark

– The band is back together for the last Pre-Destiny show.  We talk about whether Bungie hates Microsoft, Cliffyb’s return to gaming and Meh.

GameStop Will Help Dev’s with Building Games…and Fucking Up Pre-Orders
“Alien” Original Cast Returns for Alien: Isolation In Pre-Order DLC (Some of that DLC only available at certain retailers)
New Titanfall DLC Pack Incoming…YAWN!
Cole Train To Return to Gears of War ONE
Destiny Will Get a Collector’s and Limited Edition
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Might Come to Current Gen
Xbox One Game Arena?
Xbox One is Now the Default Console for 2K Tournaments
CliffyB is Back From Retirement with Boss Key Studio

Episode 97: Gold Binger

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Episode 97: Gold Binger

– We have a guest host join us for some talk about games, E3 and Tom Cruise…  Don’t turn it off after reading that, because you’ll miss some amazing talk…or just us, at least.

Forza Horizons 2 Will Have No Paid Boosters at Launch
Richard Sherman is the Madden Curse for This Year
DayZ Could Come to the Xbox One and PS4 This Year
The Division: No Pay To Win Microtransactions
Destiny is a Sony Exclusive in Japan
What Xbox One Gains and Losses with Kinect-Less Option
29 Titles Available for Launch in Japan
Microsoft and Nintendo Not Rushing To Follow Sony Into Virtual Reality
Phil Spencer: Family Share Plan Still on the Horizon
Is Crytek Going Bye, Bye?
EA CEO: Battlefield 4’s Launch Issues Were Unacceptable

Episode 94: Xbox Drops the Kinect Bomb

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Episode 94: Xbox Drops the Kinect Bomb

– In this Episode, I seriously wonder if I should get new co-hosts…but decided that I better off with the ones I have.  I mean, I haven’t gotten a STD from them yet, so at least their clean.  But we also talk a lot of gaming news that includes a BOMB that Phil Spencer dropped.  And by bomb, I mean run for cover the MOAB is coming!

Xbox Offers Kinectless Bundle, Games with Gold for Xbox One, No More Paywall for Video Streaming
Destiny Cost Activision $500,000,000 to Make/Market
Destiny Beta Coming in July
Sunset Overdrive, What You Get When You Mix Crackdown, Dead Rising and PvZ
Sunset Overdrive Gameplay
Sunset Overdrive to Have Co-Op Gameplay
The Division is Offically Pushed Back to 2015
Sony Reverses Course for PSN Plus Purchase of DriveClub
Sony Promises 1080p 60fps for Watch Dogs, Then Changes It’s Mind
Price of Sony Playstation Camera Increases by $10
Sony Has Lost $10B in the Last 8 Years
Xbox and Showtime Nearing Deal to Show Halo on TV
Bill Gates Hints At Selling/Spinning Off Xbox Division
OneDrive Adding Music Locker with Xbox Music?
Nintendo Posts $456 Million Loss for Last Fiscal Year
Nintendo Responds to No Gay Marriage In Latest Game
How ArsTechnica Would Save Nintendo
Disney Infinity Keeps Disney Interactive in the Black
Oculus Rift Wants To Build a Billion Person MMO
FCC Backs Off Of fast Lanes, Is Open To Turning Internet into Utilities
Or Not…
EA Beats Revenue Expectations
No Need for Speed This Year, First Absence Since 1996

Episode 93: We Ain’t Got No Groove

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Episode 93: We Ain’t Got No Groove

– In this we start off slow and find our groove for a strong ending.  Spark talks about the dangers of no Net Neutrality.  Ranger wonders how Defiance is still being played.   And Jedi finds out that Wolverine is about to get killed off…for a while…maybe.  All that and more.

With Net Neutrality Dead, FCC Looks at “Fast Lanes”
Destiny Approaches Final Stages
Destiny Will Allow for Transferable Save Games from Last Gen to Current Gen
Reddit’s Thoughts On Destiny Resolution
Project Cars Shows “Real, In-Game Graphics”
Disney Infinity 2 is Announced, Features Marvel Avengers, Also On Xbox One and PS4
Defiance Turns 1 Years Old, Changes To Free To Play
Details on Sunset Overdrive Next Week
Bluray In Trouble?
Xbox TV Announces Shows In the Works
Fee with Gold Subscription
1080p Debate Isn’t Winnable Says Titanfall Developer
GameStop Shifting Strategies, Closing Stores

Episode 84: The Telltale NSA

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Episode 84: The Telltale Ranger

– In this episode, we didn’t have a lot to talk about, but we were able to bring you these gem’s.  Enjoy.

NSA Spying on Gamers
Jon Stewarts Reaction
Destiny Release date: 9/9/14
Telltale (the HBO of the Game World) Is Doing a Game of Thrones Game
The Division Trailer That Makes Everyone Drool
X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter is Back…Well, Kind Of
Xbox One Goes Offline at Tourney…Killer Instinct Won’t Function Due to DRM Check
Sheriff Offers Xbox One as Reward for Catching BB Gun Thief


Episode 79: Tom Clancy’s Ghost

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Episode 79: Tom Clancy’s Ghost

– In this episode, we morn the loss of a writing and gaming legend, Tom Clancy.  We also talk go on and on about GTA V and the best multiplayer ever to hit consoles…when it’s actually working., which is not now.  And then there’s the GTA V game that is one of the best and most fun that GTA has had to offer.  We then talk about movies and some of the ones that are about to be released.

Game Download Sizes
GTA V Mythbusters
New Destiny Trailer With Action Sequence On The Moon, Pre-Order’s Get Early Demo
PS4 To Have Kinect Like Voice Commands
Microsoft Developing Own Game Streaming Service
Hover Re-released,2817,2425131,00.asp
Xbox One External HD Storage Not Available At Launch
Digital Game Sharing to Be Enabled “When the time is right”
Xbox One Facebook and YouTube Sharing of Game DVR Coming in 2014
MS’s Illuminum Too Expensive Create
Star Wars Trench Run on the Oculus Rift
How LucasArts Fell Apart
Amazon Courting Android Game Developers for New MiniConsole

Episode 64: Them Derpin’ Aliens

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Episode 64: Them Derpin’ Aleins

– In this special episode, Sparkstalker leads us off, we RANT some, and then rant some more about Gearbox and Aliens and then we rant even more.  We also had a little technical difficulties but recover nicely.

The New PlayStation
– Did Sony just say: “Screw E3, we’ll do it in February”?
It Will Not Block Used Games
Dualshock 4 with touchpad (about the size of a business card), not touchscreen, and camera (that looks like Kinect)
No Backwards Compatibility/PSN Purchases Will Not Carry Over to PS4
4K Video Confirmed for the PS4
PS4 in a nutshell
Randy Pitchford Acting Like a Bitch and Looking Into Why E3 Demo Was Different Than the Game
Randy Bragging about being able to do Aliens Post E3
Destiny: Here It Is
Reddit Summary
Gears of War: Judgment – No Horde Mode…BAD
60% of Gamers Will Not Buy New Xbox if Used Games Are Not Allowed – Says GameStop

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