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Episode 112: Live Long and Podcast

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Episode 112: Live Long and Podcast

– We are finally back from our unintended hiatus.  We got back to basics and talked about all the things that happened while we were gone, including the loss of a Geek icon.

Spock Vs Spock
GTA V Heists Are Coming 3/10
SOE Bought Out, Going Multi-Platform
Elite Dangerous Coming to Xbox One in 2015
Also Wasteland 2 Original Wasteland:
Madden Predicts the Winner and Exact Score of Super Bowl
Borderlands 3 Confirmed for Xbox One and PS4
Bethesda Plans First Ever E3 Conference
Ubisoft: The Division and Rainbow 6: Siege Coming in 2015
Rock Band 4 Incoming
Spotify Coming to the PS4
Streaming Games from Xbox One to HoloLens On Roadmap
Peter Molyneux: Don’t Overhype HoloLens, Microsoft!
Nintendo and Netflix Working on Zelda Show
Best Buy Gamers Club Price Lowered to $30
EA Shuts down Maxis (Maker of Sim City)
Introducing HBO Now, $15 a Month Streaming Service

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