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Episode 120: Tweaked Nipples

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Episode 120: Tweaked Nipples

– We’re back and having a great time.  We cover the news that came out of GamersCon.  Be sure to listen to the end for one of Sparkstalkers Tales From Tech Support.

Crackdown – 100% destructible environment
Will Need 2-4Mbps To Play Online
Free-To Air HD DVR
Xbox One Chat Pad
All future GwG will come to Back-Compat
Halo Wars 2 in Fall 2016 – (was hoping for ODST 2)
Ouya Bought by Razr
Ouya Ends Free the Games Promotion, but Razr Will Fulfil the Obligations
No Split Screen In Halo 5
Randy Pitchford Tries to Defend Aliens: Colonial Marines
Star Wars Battlefront Getting Team Death Match
Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron Mode – 10×10 MP Air Battle
Gear Ultimate Edition Will Come With Back-Compat Copies of Original 4 Games
PS+ Users Might Get to Vote on Their Next Free Game
Microsoft Working To Stream PC Games to the Xbox One
Windows 10 and Xbox
Gamers to Be Tested for Drugs in the Electronic Sports League
China Ends Ban on Console’s

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