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Episode 128: The Division? Never Heard of It…

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

Episode 128: The Division? Never Heard of It…

– In Episode 128, not only is the gang back together as Sparkstalker finally remembers to show up, but we have a guest co-host, Prego Magic, join us. We talk about a few things, but the most important thing we talked about was The Division Beta and the awesomeness that surrounded the four days of gaming.

How The Division Will Avoid Destiny Problems
The Division Season Pass Details Announced
Destiny 2 Delayed Past September?
Bungie President Steps Down
Sony Computer Entertainment + Sony Network Entertainment = Sony Interactive Entertainment
GameStop Going to Publish Insomniac’s New Game
Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Announced, Season Pass Confirmed
New Doom Coming on 5/13

Episode 110: Kanye Bad

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Episode 110: Kanye Bad

– In this episode, we talk about all the important things that a new year brings, like how the movie The Interview was AWESOME and why we need for Kim Dot-Com needs to stay away from the politics of gaming.

Script Kiddies Take Down XBL and PSN
FBI Is Investigating
UK Police Arrest One Lizard Squad Member
Finnish NBI Questioning Another
Halo 5 Pre-Orders, $250 for Collectors Edition
Bungie’s 2015 Plan for Destiny?
Play games and go to college for free…for free?
Playstation Now Gets a $19.99 All You Can Play Subscription
Rumor: Microsoft Developing a VR Headset As Well
H4LT Leak’s The Xbox One Firmware and Documentation
Sling TV for Xbox One

Episode 106: Breaking All The Rules

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Episode 106: Breaking All The Rules

– In the episode, the band is back together breaking all the rules and probably some laws.  We also talk about games.  Evolve, Sunset Overdrive, and the middle finger Bungie is giving to the owners of the Xbox One.  All that and more on MAHG RADIO!

Titanfall Horde Mode Impressions
Microsoft Investing 10 Years Into Gears of War, Next New Game Won’t be Reboot
Next Gears Game is Back to the Basics
Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a Whopping 65GB
  • Equivalent to 7 DVDs, 89 CD-Roms or 46,222 3.5 Floppy Drives
Star Wars X-Wing and Tie Fighter (And Others) Games on
Cancelled Star Wars: Battlefronts 3 Alpha Footage
Destiny DLC debacle
PS4 Firmware 2.0
Problems with Firmware 2.0
Next Dashboard Update Brings Custom Backgrounds, Twitter Integration, More
HBO Go Coming to Xbox One
Xbox One To End Free Xbox Music Streaming
Pacific Rim 3 Will Tie Directly into PR2
Rob Riggle Set to Play Main Dead Rising Character in Movie

Episode 56: GameStop’s Backroom

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Episode 56: GameStop’s Backroom

– In this episode, Spark, Ranger and I talk about the virtues of bad game reviews from the Wall Street Journal, GameStop BJ’s, and why Jedi will buy, but not play Forza Horizons until February.  We also touch on what we think should be in the first Borderlands 2 DLC, and George Carlin’s best movie scene’s. And as an added bonus, we talk about the American fascination at seeing someone potentially jump to his death from 22.7 miles in the air.

Nintendo Re-Names FIFA 12 and Sells It As Completely New FIFA 13 for the Wii
DayZ Alpha To Drop in December
The Best (Actually Worst) Borderlands 2 Review EVER
First Borderlands 2 DLC Named, No Date Set for Release
Cliffy B Leaves EPIC
R.I. Can’t Auction off MS Dev Kits, Says MS
Bungie Didn’t Want to Do Halo Wars – Lead to Bungie/MS Split?
22 Cans to Produce One Perfect Game…After All the Other “Experiments”
Story Should Be Named: This is Peter Molyneux’s Brain on Crack
Sony/Kevin Butler At Odds With Each Other
Bridgestone: KB Not in Our Ads
Free Avatar Armor for Watching the Presidential Debates on XBL
Nuclear Family
George Carlin on Voting

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