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Episode 76: Internet, You’re Drunk. Shut Up.

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Episode 76: Internet, You’re Drunk. Shut Up.

– In this episode, we tell the internet to take a Midol and SHUT THE FUCK UP and stop complaining about the Xbox One.  We had a great console before you bitching and moaning.  But we #DealWithIt and move on with the news.  Enjoy the show.

Xbox One Unboxing – Headset Included With Every Console
Microsoft Increases Xbox One’s Graphic Speed
Kinect Can Now Be Disconnected/Turned Off
Little Chance Of A Kinect-less SKU
Borderlands 3 Teased, Won’t Have 16 Player Co-Op
The Division Won’t Have Exclusive Content on Console’s
Sony/PS3 Loses NFL Sunday Ticket
Microsoft Patents Heads Up Display
Xbox One Game DVR Limited to XBL Gold Accounts
You Only Need One Xbox Live Gold Account Per House
Upgrade Your 360 Games to Xbox One Games at GameStop for $10
Amazon Making an Android Console?
Gaming in the Local Library?

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