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Episode 56: GameStop’s Backroom

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Episode 56: GameStop’s Backroom

– In this episode, Spark, Ranger and I talk about the virtues of bad game reviews from the Wall Street Journal, GameStop BJ’s, and why Jedi will buy, but not play Forza Horizons until February.  We also touch on what we think should be in the first Borderlands 2 DLC, and George Carlin’s best movie scene’s. And as an added bonus, we talk about the American fascination at seeing someone potentially jump to his death from 22.7 miles in the air.

Nintendo Re-Names FIFA 12 and Sells It As Completely New FIFA 13 for the Wii
DayZ Alpha To Drop in December
The Best (Actually Worst) Borderlands 2 Review EVER
First Borderlands 2 DLC Named, No Date Set for Release
Cliffy B Leaves EPIC
R.I. Can’t Auction off MS Dev Kits, Says MS
Bungie Didn’t Want to Do Halo Wars – Lead to Bungie/MS Split?
22 Cans to Produce One Perfect Game…After All the Other “Experiments”
Story Should Be Named: This is Peter Molyneux’s Brain on Crack
Sony/Kevin Butler At Odds With Each Other
Bridgestone: KB Not in Our Ads
Free Avatar Armor for Watching the Presidential Debates on XBL
Nuclear Family
George Carlin on Voting

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